Be One Solutions Careers by Pro Axia Consultants Business Consulting Group in Osaka



Sales Manager - Application Guidelines:

  • Necessary skills
  • English force of business level
  • It can be specialized, dedicated to sales positions
  • Possible negotiation of a large enterprise customers
  • Negotiation skills
  • communication ability
  • From contracts awarded, can management to after-sales follow-up
  • Ikeru to build a long and good relationship with customers
  • Necessary experience
  • Operating activities or in the IT industry, operating activities of professional services
  • Operating activities of ERP products
  • Work experience in global companies or global project,
  • Knowledge of the business processes of the general industrial
  • And preferential treatment the following experience
  • Sales experience of SAP's products
  • Knowledge of the standard business process of ERP products
  • It is an expert in the global ERP market
  • Management experience of global projects
  • Presentation skills of the package product
  • treatment
  • Base salary: 500-6000000 yen
  • Commission: 7 the above base salary as a base: 3

※performance against company earnings targets, personal income, and overall judgment of all of the acquired customer decision

  • age

It is desirable 30-35 years of age


Junior Consultant - Application Guidelines:

  • Necessary skills
  • Basic IT knowledge, basic knowledge about the system construction
  • Communication skills, hearing force
  • Cooperation with domestic and foreign teams
  • Business-level English
  • Necessary experience
  • Work experience in the IT industry
  • Application development experience of
  • And preferential treatment the following experience
  • Application consulting experience of
  • Experience of SAP's products
  • Introduction support experience of ERP products
  • Knowledge of the business processes of the general industrial
  • treatment
  • Annual salary: 350-4000000 yen
  • The next fiscal year, salary increase depending on the experience and skills
  • age
  • 30-year-old before and after
  • It is desirable 30 years old or less


proaxia consulting provides open platform consulting services including development service on cutting edge technology and environment, and system design and development using .NET, JAVA, and other languages.  Working with our SAP consultants, we also  approach systems that have functions to support core system and support our customers at higher dimentions.